Foam Dust Suppression System

Innovative Dust Control System

The use of a foam dust suppression system is increasingly recognized as the most efficient way of controlling fugitive dust emissions.

Foam dust suppression systems have a number of key advantages over alternative dust control systems such as extraction systems, water/surfactant spray systems and fogging or misting systems.

The key difference is that a foam dust control system prevents dust from getting airborne in the first place.

From this basic but important difference flows a number of other advantages:

  • Once treated the dust will remain with the material and will not be released at subsequent transfer points, screens, stack outs nor load outs
  • Foam systems use 1/30th to 1/50th of the amount of water compared to traditional water spray systems
  • Foam systems require a fraction of the energy required to run large and cumbersome extraction plants
  • Foam systems use large nozzle openings, making nozzle blockages a thing of the past.
  • Maintenance cost is very minimal

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