How Is Foam Produced and Supplied?

How It Works

ECS offers a complete Design, Build, Supply and Installation service for the application equipment necessary to produce and apply foam.

A typical System requires the following elements:

  • Foam Generating Unit ("FGU")
  • Water supply
  • Power Supply
  • Compressed Air
  • Hoses and Nozzles
  • Chemical Storage Tank

Water, Compressed Air and Dust-Chem 76 is mixed in the FGU and the resultant solution in sent down a series of hoses to specially designed nozzles located at strategic points in the process plant. As the solution travels to its destination it turns to foam and is sprayed on the material. The location of the nozzles and the spray pattern is critical to ensure thorough mixing.

The Foam Generating Unit is of unique design developed by ECS and is built to the highest specifications using high quality components throughout.

As standard - we supply all the equipment fully packaged and installed in a new modified container. The container is modified to include lighting, heating, ventilation and a personnel door.

The system is fully automated and does not require any operator intervention on a day to day basis. Signals to apply foam at various locations are typically taken from the plant control systems to ensure that there is no wastage and that the conveyors are kept clear.

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mine entrance foam system

ECS Foam System housed in a 40ft sea container